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Book Engine Carbon & DPF Cleaning Service


Using our CE Certified hydrogen-powered engine carbon cleaning machine, a technician will visit your home or place of work to complete a full engine de-carbon. In just 45 minutes it will remove up to 85% of the carbon from your engine leaving it running like new. If you required a deep DPF cleaning it would take around couple of hours.

With our DPF cleaning technology we guarantee that your filter will be cleaned after. We will also advise you if anything else needs to be done to prevent further blockage.


We cover an area from London on south all the way up to Scotland on north. Our teams are in:

  • London

  • Peterborough

  • Sheffield

The Carbon Cleaning machine has a remarkable cleaning capacity. With this advanced technology, developed over several years, hydrogen is pulsed through the air intake pipes, burning off up to 85% of the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly.

So before replacing your engine parts, try Doctor Carbon. A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits is the new threat to vehicle performance. 


To book your service please fill in the form below or please call us on



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