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Engine Carbon Cleaning

Our unique hydrogen technology removes harmful carbon deposits from your engine. Your vehicles original power and mpg is restored, the treatment can also prevent excessive wear of engine and exhaust system parts (EGR valve, spark plug, valves, catalytic converter) potentially saving you thousands in costly repairs.




Engine Life

Restore Lost Power

Reduce Co2 Emissions

Smoother Engine

Customers note a smoother idle and acceleration and overall performance increase after the treatment. Harmful emissions are dramatically reduced and can often help a vehicle through a failed emissions test on an MOT. The service is mobile and can be arranged at your home or place of work.

Deep DPF Cleaning - diesel only

Our DPF cleaning include 4 stages:

  1. DIAGNOSTICS to establish whats causing the DPF to get clogged up, measure the level of the blockage and pressure inside the filter

  2. INJECTING our unique cleaning fluid into the filter under a pressure

  3. FLUSHING the DPF with our special Flushing Agent while the engine its running

  4. REGENERATION After the process its completed we measure the pressure inside the filter and check the condition of it with our diagnostic tools.


Whole DPF cleaning process would take around couple of hours and it can be done at your home or workplace for no extra charge. The cost of our treatment is £199 per vehicle and we guarantee that your filter will be cleaned after. We will also advise you if anything else needs to be done to prevent further blockage.

NEW: Extreme Intake Clean

Keeping the intake system clean and free of blockages is integral to a good running engine. A dirty engine that can no longer ‘breathe freely’ is often difficult to repair, fixing costs could be very high and sometimes might mean the end of its life. Extreme Intake Clean cost £189 and it is a perfect solution that will clean most of your diesel:

  • Air Intake

  • Manifold clean

  • EGR clean

  • Combustion Chamber

  • Intake Valves

  • Gas Valve

  • Injectors

  • Turbo

Extreme Intake Clean is a unique and extremely efficient service, that does exactly what it should: Clean thoroughly. It is much more powerful than an additive that is only added to the fuel tank, which is why it is a great treatment that rigorously tackles pollution and dirt deposits.


  • Innovative two-stage approach to address pollution with maximum results

  • Effective cleaning of air intake, combustion chamber, gas valve, injectors and turbo

  • Unique and extremely effective heat-resistant cleaning solution for turbos and variable vanes

  • Improved engine performance, fuel consumption, idling and starting

  • Increased life span of delicate components such as catalysts and diesel particle filters (DPF)

  • Reduces emissions

Extreme Intake Clean treatment restores the original airflow, enabling the power source in the front to take in clean air again und thus perform better. 

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