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A dirty engine that can no longer ‘breathe freely’ is often difficult to repair, fixing costs could be very high and sometimes might mean the end of its life.


To avoid it we offer our new service: Extreme Intake Clean treatment. Perfect solution that will clean most of your diesel:

  • air intake,

  • manifold clean,

  • EGR clean

  • combustion chamber,

  • intake valves,

  • gas valve,

  • injectors,

  • turbo

This applies to diesels with and without turbo. Extreme Intake Clean is a unique and extremely efficient service, that does exactly what it should: Clean thoroughly. It is much more powerful than an additive that is merely added to the fuel tank. Which is why it is a great treatment that rigorously tackles pollution and dirt deposits.

Contrary to other products in the market, of which the treatment with just a single liquid takes little time. This is the only way to properly address pollution. In addition, this way of treatment has significantly more longevity, thus detaching more dirt and ultimately making it more effective.


The various additives in Extreme Intake Clean are resistant to high temperatures, as a result of which, they endure the combustion cycle in the cylinder and are actually effective in the turbo and exhaust system. Thanks to the operation in this ‘follow-up trajectory’ of the combustion, the channels and valves for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) are cleaned as well.


Extreme Intake Clean treatment restores the original airflow, enabling the power source in the front to take in clean air again und thus perform better. This is not only a theoretical case, we know several practical examples of diesel cars with power decline performing like brand new again after Extreme Intake Clean.




  • Innovative two-stage approach to address pollution with maximum results

  • Effective cleaning of air intake, combustion chamber, gas valve, injectors and turbo

  • Unique and extremely effective heat-resistant cleaning solution for turbos and variable vanes

  • Improved engine performance, fuel consumption, idling and starting

  • Increased life span of delicate components such as catalysts and diesel particle filters (DPF)

  • Reduces emissions

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